Workshop Steps

  • Step (1): Pick up a flyer from McPherson FRC or Puertas Abiertas.
  • Step (2): Contact McPherson FRC or Puertas Abiertas to register for a workshop.
  • Step (3): Collect the documents indicated on the flyer. The documents will be necessary to complete your application at the workshop. If you have questions about a document, please contact us. If you are missing a document, you may still attend the workshop to begin the citizenship process.
  • Step (4): Attend the workshop!

What to expect at the workshop: 

  • During the workshop, IIBA will assess your eligibility to apply for citizenship; we will determine if you qualify for the fee waiver* to the naturalization application; and, we will evaluate your English readiness for the citizenship exam or eligibility to take the exam in your native language.
  • Citizenship workshops are free of charge (additional services may cost $150-$600). We will then fill your naturalization application and provide you with study materials. If you would like to attend the free citizenship classes before starting the process or while your application is in process, click HERE.
  • Your IIBA immigration attorney will meet with you at a later final appointment to review your application before sending it to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). After the workshop your IIBA attorney will represent you.

*The government (USCIS) charges $725 for the citizenship application. To be eligible for the fee waiver for the citizenship application, the person must demonstrate that s/he is of low income. Please see the flyer about how to prove you are a person of low income.

Ready to Apply? Register Today for the Next Workshop!

Workshop  Click HERE for printable PDF flyer.