Apply for Citizenship Online

Apply for Citizenship Online 

  • Napa County Residents, Apply for Citizenship online with CitizenshipWorks!
    • Step 1. Go to
    • Step 2. Click “Start your application now!”
    • Step 3. Answer the initial screening questions
    • Step 4. Sign up for an account, and join the “IIBA-Napa” group
    • Step 5. Complete your application
    • Step 6. An Attorney or Accredited Representative will contact you and complete a virtual review of your application, or schedule and in-office appointment if necessary! For any questions please call the Immigration Institute of the Bay Area (Napa IIBA) at 707-266-1568 

What to expect: 

  • The Immigration Institute of the Bay Area (IIBA) will assess your eligibility to apply for citizenship; will determine if you qualify for the fee waiver* to the naturalization application; and, will evaluate your English readiness for the citizenship exam or eligibility to take the exam in your native language.
  • Those who qualify will not pay for the legal services. You will pay for the cost of mailing your packet through Certified Mail. If you would like to attend the free citizenship classes before starting the process or while your application is in process, click HERE.
  • IIBA immigration attorneys and our DOJ accredited representatives will prepare and review your application before sending it to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Your IIBA attorney will represent you during the process.

*The government (USCIS) charges $725 for the citizenship application. To be eligible for the fee waiver for the citizenship application, the person must demonstrate that s/he is of low income.